Personal Website

Best suited for freelancers, lawyer, trainer, photographer or any other professions who need an online personal website to showcase their skills and work.

Types of Personal Websites

  • CV/Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Brand
  • Personal Blog
  • Personal Trainer
  • Personal Services
features Features
Great for professionals with dynamic content that requires scalability.
$ 700 starting price
  • CMS
    WordPress, Dynamic
best value
For small personal websites that do not require frequent content updates.
$ 400 starting price
  • CMS
    None, Static

WordPress for Personal Website

We have ready-made layouts and components that we can easily configure as per your requirements. It is mobile adaptive and looks stunning on any device. Our websites make it easy for you to get in there with a minimum hassle.

You do not need to be a coder or programmer to create any page, add portfolio project or blog post. We use a Drag and Drop tool so that creating your online personal website will be quick and easy. You will also have different modules included to help you expand your content as you wish.

Fully Responsive

Your site is ready to look stunning and adaptive on any device - from widecreen monitor to a mobile phone.

User Friendly

Easier to modify your professional website even without knowldge of coding or involvement of developers.

Advance Resume

Clearly communicate your skills, work experience, achievements and education - in the order you desire.

Static Personal Website

You can choose to have a static personal website if you only need to put basic information and do not require dynamic content or frequent updates.


Static websites are quicker and cheaper to develop because it doesn't require backend system that requires programming.

Light & Fast

Static websites doesn't have complex structures and can be easily transferred from server to end user in seconds.

Good for SEO

Search engines can easily indexed your static websites as it only read pure HTML content and CSS files.

Maintenance and Management

Subscribe to our maintenance & management plan where we host, manage and take good care of your website to ensure it's up to date. Focus on your business, not in your website.

Our Web Design Approach

We ensure that we understand our client needs on how they can turn their audiences into buyers.

Responsive Website Icon

Responsive Web Design

Mobile users surpassed desktop users since 2014. It is no longer a question if you will be doing mobile marketing or not. Furthermore, Google ranks websites that are mobile adaptive, helping your overall SEO score.


Content Management System lets you to expand your website as your business grows. WordPress is a CMS that powers websites of all sizes, allowing you to add pages, templates, landing pages or create a microsite within your website.

Web Browser

Speed Monitoring

Optimized for Speed

We perform minification and caching to websites to make sure web pages load within seconds, improving your overall bounce rate. We serve files over the CDN to ensure content is delivered much faster to your audiences around the globe.

*1 month (30 days) of backups **Updates made when available barring any conflicts with other installed code or server settings ***If restoration is needed, website will be restored to the latest viable back up available **** Additional work requested outside of the monthly website maintenance package allotments will be billed at the contracted hourly rate.

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