Enteprise Email for Business.

Opt for a secure email service that guarantees privacy, encryption, and an ad-free experience for your business emails.

Elevate the professional appeal of each message you send without paying too much every month.

Unlimited Emails

There are no limits to the number of users you can add, and we don't charge based on the number of users.

Manage Users

Simplify email changes by effortlessly adding and removing addresses for new hires or resigning employees.

Reliability & Security

Our secure SMTP server guarantees error-free email delivery with less chances of being marked as spam.

Pay Less. Go Unlimited.

Unlimited Accounts

Email addresses can be easily created for personal or forwarding use, without any restrictions.

Save Time

We can manage your email accounts, simply tell us what to add and when to remove email addresses.

Save Money

Pay a fix amount every year or quarterly without worrying on your daily usage.

Stay professional with

Are you still paying $5 per user?

Create unlimited accounts that give your company the visibility and authenticity it deserves with less than $1 per email.


What your users get?

Gain access to an array of features and functions for your team by simply signing up for our subscription plan. Enjoy the convenience of having unlimited email addresses at your fingertips.

Access Anywhere

Access emails from any device with an internet connection

Email Templates

Customizable templates to quickly compose emails

Custom Signatures

Create branded email signatures for professionalism

Advanced Search

Quickly locate any email with advanced search capabilities

Attach Large Files

Attach and send large documents and media files

Task Integration

Connect email with task and project management apps

Schedule Emails

Create and set emails to be sent at a specified future time

Email Security

Leading protections against phishing, malware and threats

Unified Contacts

Centralized and shared your contact list for all users

Calendar Integration

Quickly view and access calendar directly from your inbox

Smart Mailbox

Intelligent filing and sorting of incoming emails, manage folders

Account Settings

Change your account settings and configuration preferences

Business Identity

Owning your branded email domain allows establishing long-term identity recognition and equity that persists regardless of staff or operational changes.

Professional Branding

Having company emails under your domain presents a professional brand image to clients and partners.

Improved Deliverability

Using your domain for emails enhances deliverability as it verifies you send legitimate business communications.

Employee Professionalism

Providing staff with company email addresses increases perceived professionalism and trustworthiness.

Business Credibility

A customized email domain conveys business credibility by signaling an invested online presence.

Consumer Confidence

Customers feel more confidence in a company that controls its email domains to enable better service.

Owned Digital Asset

Your domain becomes an owned digital asset that retains value if your business name ever changes.

Google Suite current pricing as of December, 2023
Use case scenario

Google Suite and MS Emails are pricey

Our client does not need all the apps these email suites are offering thus paying something they do not really use or most of them became redundant.


cost savings


reduction in manpower

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