Website Maintenance & Management
Website Maintenance & Management
We would love to work with you further. Our Website Maintenance and Management (WMM) packages will cover all mandatory tasks such as keeping your website backed-up, updated and eventually freeing you from worrying about your systems.
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How it works

Keeping your website up and running is not a rocket science, but it's close.

It requires an extensive knowledge on different platforms and technologies available to maintain website's security and stability. Our 10 years of managing websites gave us experiences and keep up with technological trends. We usually divide it into 3 parts:

[1] Website

We will perform content, plugin, theme updates to keep website compatibility and security. Key features & benefits

[2] Server / Hosting

We have partnered with IBM Cloud to provide you web server that is fast and reliable. Learn more

[3] Speed & Delivery

Google favors smooth and fast websites thus we deliver by compressing and turning on CDN. Learn more

Focus on your marketing tasks

These essential components of your website can be also professionally handled by our team.

SSL Certificates

With SSL installed, you can rely on strong security to protect your customers online, making them feel safe and give you their trust and interest.
Domain Management

We can handle your DNS and domain renewals, and ongoing tasks on keeping your corporate domains stable, secure and support websites.
Business Email

An enterprise email address that is the same as your domain name shows visitors the legitimacy and seriousness of your business.

Does your website needs a redesign?

You might be unaware that even your website is working fine but does it give value to your organization? Does it have the important aspect to reach your online marketing goal?

Plans Comparison

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Business WMM
Renews $400 /mo
Great start for a single site
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Professional WMM
Renews $590.00 /mo
More sites and intensive resources
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Enterprise WMM
Renews $ 900 /mo
High performance for powerful sites
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Manage and Maintain Websites
1 Website 2 - 3 Websites 3 - 5 Websites
SSD Storage
Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
hot WMM Support
free SSL Certificate Positive SSL Wildcard SSL Wildcard SSL
Auto Backups
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
free CMS Access
Free Server Migration
Cache and Minify
hot Content Delivery Network
plus Multiple Server
premium Ticket Support
Email Management 5 Email Accounts 6 - 100 Email Accounts 500+ Email Accounts
Email SMTP Options Generic SendGrid SMTP GMail or Yahoo!

Key Features & Benefits

We ensure that we understand our client needs on how they can turn their audiences into buyers.


Content Management

We manage websites for a wide variety of customers, regardless of who originally built your website.

Together we can keep your website fresh with your new content such as event, promotion. We can add, edit or delete pages as your website expands.****

Technical Works

There are crucial parts of the website that needs fixing, it may include general user experience, site performance, site speed, bugs and others.

This is where majority of our time is spent.



Updates & Backups*

Backups are performed accordingly while themes and plugins are updated monthly.

We usually provide the server hosting to better monitor your website and keep it running and secured against server-side hacking or malware attacks.

Our servers locations in 9 Regions

We provide fast delivery of your website based on your location. Enabling CDN from these location will make your pages load blazingly fast.

Load Balancing

*1 month (30 days) of backups **Updates made when available barring any conflicts with other installed code or server settings ***If restoration is needed, website will be restored to the latest viable back up available **** Additional work requested outside of the monthly website maintenance package allotments will be billed at the contracted hourly rate.

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