Website Security Policy

Website Security Policy

Enormac Digital takes the security of our websites and the privacy of our users very seriously. The following outlines the security measures and policies we have in place to protect your data and our systems.

Data Security

  • User-submitted data is protected both in transit and once received by the application layer using encryption and Internet standard protocols.
  • Access to user data is limited to only those requiring it to perform job functions. Access is only granted once proper training has been completed.
  • Production infrastructure runs on reputable cloud hosting providers. Environment scanning and patching is done automatically and regularly.
  • All backups are encrypted with randomly generated keys before being stored both locally and remotely.
  • We follow industry standard procedures for handling any potential data breaches, including appropriate disclosures and notifications as needed.

Platform Security

  • All external integrations & APIs require authentication to access our platform and services. Unique keys are provided for each separate integration.
  • Role-based access control restrictions are in place, ensuring users only have permissions necessary for their roles. Access is routinely audited on an admin level.
  • Automated monitoring & alerting detects abnormal account behaviour, triggered logins, or possible exploits for investigation.

Compliance & Privacy

  • We comply with all local, national, and international regulations regarding data security and privacy when applicable, including GDPR requirements.
  • Contracts cover any 3rd party handling or processing of company or user data per our directives around confidentiality and handling procedures.
  • All handling of financial transactions and related data on our sites or services complies fully with PCI DSS standards.
  • A full privacy policy outlining our exact treatment and use of user or site data is available on our website. Users must consent to collection or use of any personal data not required for site functioning per regulatory statutes.

Our security policies and procedures are periodically reviewed against current regulatory guidelines and industry best practices to fully control risks and protect our users. Please direct any security or privacy-related inquiries to our data protection team at

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